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Residential Roofing

    • Aluminium Sheet House Roofing
    • GI Sheet
    • Shingles Roofing
    • Clay Tile
    • Ceramic Tile
    • Concrete Tile
    • Modular Porches
    • Poly Carbonate Roofing

Commercial Roofing

    • Industrial Shed
    • Warehouse
    • Godown
    • Auditorium
    • Badmintion Court
    • Parking Shed
    • Swimming Pool Roofing
    • Thatch Roofing
    • Tensile Roofing
    • Galvotch

AluminiumSheet House Roofing

Aluminium sheet roofing is one of the most popular methods of roofing in buildings. It does not weigh much on the building, is easy to transport and install, and even lasts for a long time while enduring through all kinds of weather. Aluminium sheet roofing can be categorised in three types – oxidisedaluminium roofing, mirror aluminium roofing and embossed aluminium roofing. At Alpha Tech, you will get all the three services. One has to make a choice between these three according to his/her needs and the construction he/she is planning to use it for.

Aluminum sheets for roofing are a great choice because they are not inflammable at all. Besides, they are highly durable, non-corrosive, and if a client wants a pop of colour, they can just get the coloured variants as well. We even provide maintenance services after the installation has taken place.

GI Roofing

GI roofing or Galvanized iron roofing is a very good way of roofing and has many qualities that are exclusive to it. For example, it gives great protection from heat and cold. The material that is used to build these sheets is very high quality galvanized iron which means that it is coated with a layer of aluminium and has anti-corrosion properties too. Due to its shape and design, it also drains rainwater very easily and doesn’t get affected by corrosion because of galvanisation. It is lightweight and doesn’t easily get damaged in storms, rain etc. All of these qualities in GI roofing come at a price that is very reasonable and low as compared to other forms of roofing. Due to the tensile strength of the iron, the sheets even have the ability to bear high weight as well.

Shingles Roofing

We also know it by the name of laminated roofing. It can be made from various materials such as plastic, metal, wood, other kinds of fibres, slate, to name a few. This kind of roofing has gained popularity in European countries mostly but has started being used in some parts of Asia as well. If the client needs a roof on a slanted area, then shingles roofing might be the best choice for him.

These are the most versatile ones in terms of their aesthetics and suit all kinds of structures, whether it’s in an urban or rural setting, which is why we offer it at Alpha Tech. We will help you get them installed. Also, here you will get all the help and information you might need with the maintenance, although shingles roofing doesn’t need much of it.

Clay Tile

Clay tile roofing, amongst all our products, is the oldest technique of roofing as it has been used for centuries by human civilisations. It is sustainable for the environment, and it lasts for the longest time when put to the test against all of its counterparts. It is very durable because insects, weather and even rain don’t affect it. Clay roofing will not rot or corrode at all. Apart from all this, it looks very chic and stylish.

Although, the clay tiles that we offer cost quite on the same level as other roofing solutions, the tiles are very heavy and so the cost of installation might be higher. Because of the weight of the tiles, it also needs to be made sure that there is enough strength in the existing structure so that it can take the weight. If not, then even that needs to be fixed. After that, there will be no roadblocks in the installation process.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic roofs are one of the most effective and affordable options available out there. These are not only functional but also look extremely elegant after installation. We offer both kinds of ceramic tiles, with a glazed finish and the unglazed one too. They come in a variety of colours. The clients can make a selection according to their taste and design of the building/house. With good care and proper maintenance, they can last for up to 20 years and even more, offering exceptional performance all the while.

Installation services are provided by us for the product, but that entirely depends on the amount of area which needs to be covered and roofed. But once the roofing has been finished, it sets the structure apart from all the others as it gives the building an elegant look.

Concrete Tile

Concrete tile is your solution if you want the look of a tile roofing but also want to cut down on the cost a little bit. Concrete tile roofing is a durable and economical option for anybody who wants to strike a balance between quality and price. It offers the full value of the money that the client is spending. A lot of times, pigments are added to the concrete to give them different tones, which makes them highly suitable for the house.

The advantages of choosing concrete tiles are many, ranging from durability, long life span to the stylish appearance. On top of it all, concrete tiles do not need a lot of maintenance either. One inspection every year should suffice to look for any damage and get it fixed. Cleaning sessions by a professional can also be of great help.

Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate roofing is made using high strength plastic (thermoplastic). It is not just durable and capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures in India but is also very lightweight. It is a practical solution, which is inexpensive and can also endure a lot. It can be used in a porch, balconies, sheds, greenhouses etc.

Polycarbonate roofings can also endure force without breaking, which is why they are the most durable option. Apart from that, it is highly versatile in terms of the purposes it can serve. It can be used in both residential structures and industrial buildings.

We all know that in India, the sun shines stronger because of its proximity to the tropic of cancer. The rains are heavy as well. But with Polycarbonate roofing from Alpha Tech, one doesn’t have to worry because it is a very strong material.

Tensile roofing

Tensile roofing is a relatively new concept in the country and which is why there are not a lot of organizations and companies that hold expertise in it. It is made with a membrane that is held up with the support of metal structures. The overall look that it offers is unique, flowy and modern.

At Alpha Tech, we have studied and perfected the technique to give the clients the best results from Tensile roofing. We use exceptional quality of fabrics and structures of the roof, and that results in plush and attractive roofs for any purpose.

Tensile roofing is generally very well made piece of architecture and has a lot of inherent qualities because of its shape and design. One characteristic is that it is very lightweight because of which it is also durable. Apart from that, you will get a lot of freedom in terms of how you wish to shape them and be creative.

Modular Porches

Porches are becoming the new big thing in India for house design. We offer the newest designs and types of modular porches that can make the exterior of your house much more modern and give it a sophisticated look. One can decorate the porch however they want. Feel free to make it a part of your lifestyle. You can practise Yoga on the porch, sip your morning tea there with your loved ones or spend a lazy, winter evening there. A beautiful porch never fails to impress you.

The modular porches we offer are of superior quality, and exceedingly durable. They have UV protection, and the colour on them doesn’t wear off. Many patterns and styles are available for the client to choose from.

Thatch Roofing

Thatch roofing is a traditional way of roofing houses in which dry plants and vegetation are used to cover the roof. This ancient roofing technique is extremely effective and is still used in many cultures. We at Alpha Tech decided to incorporate it as an option because it is still a very good option of roofing. It is weather-resistant naturally. The maintenance doesn’t cost a lot, and if placed at the right angle, it allows the precipitation to run down quickly too. Apart from that, it is very lightweight, which means that it is easy to transport. Also, the roof structure does not have to be extremely bulky and strong. The most astounding characteristic is that it works in accordance with the climate, where the climate is hot, it keeps the insides of the house cool, and in winters, it works as a natural insulator.

Industrial Shed / Warehouse/ Godown

We are the leading company that is engaged in designing fabricating the vast array of godown sheds and fabrications of warehouses in various Shapes, Sizes and Dimensions with the help of trained fabricators so as to cater to the various requirements of the clients.

Auditorium Roofing

Being the preferred choice of our customers, we  are involved in providing an enormous quality range of auditorium roofing to our customers. This auditorium roofing is manufactured in compliance with set market quality standards and norms.

Badminton Court Roofing

We offer Badminton Court Roofing. It is available from us in various sizes & other related options as per customer’s choice. This court roofing is manufactured from the best quality materials & Leading techniques under the supervision of architects.

Swimming Pool Roofing

At Alpha Tech, we provide roofings for swimming pools made from the finest raw materials which are built to last and stand strong for many years. There are choices of materials that can be used to make the roofing- the material might be aluminium or polycarbonate fibre depending on where the swimming pool is located and the climate of the place.

Apart from the material, there are a lot of shapes that can be chosen as roofing over swimming pools. Flat roof design, sloping roof design, gable roof design, dome roof design are some of the roofing designs that one can choose from.

We have a dedicated team of professional that will help you choose one of these according to your requirements and needs of the pool. The installation also happens with the utmost care. We make sure that the roofing and the structure itself is durable and can withstand weather conditions and protect the swimming pool.